Gold and silver rates: 10 grams of 22-carat gold is priced at ₹54,500 in Delhi on Tuesday. Gold prices in India maintained the price on Tuesday with a gram of 22-carat gold costing ₹5,435, according to figures by Good returns. Prices of eight grams and 10 grams of the gold are ₹43, 480 and ₹54,350 respectively. The price of 24-carat gold saw a moderate drop of Rs10 per gram. One gram of 24k gold is priced at ₹5,918 while eight grams and 10 grams are priced at ₹47,344 and ₹59,180 respectively. Meanwhile, the price of silver tightened on Tuesday. One kg of silver is costing ₹71,500, with a jump of ₹600 from yesterday’ price, Good returns said. Gold prices in India are sourced from some of the reputed jewelers. They are based on factors including global demand, currency, interest rates and government policies. It is also dependent on international factors like global economic growth, dollar strength against other currencies etc.