LPG cylinder prices: After the latest revision, the LPG price in New Delhi has been cut by ₹83.50 to ₹1,773/cylinder from ₹1,856.50/cylinder. A commercial Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinder in India is now cheaper by ₹83.5, according to the monthly price revision for LPG cylinders on June 1, posted on the official website of Indian Oil. However, the price of 14.2-kg domestic gas cylinders that are used in households for cooking, remains unchanged. After the latest revision, the LPG price in New Delhi has been cut by ₹83.50 to ₹1,773/commercial cylinder from ₹1,856.50/commercial cylinder. Last month the price of commercial LPG cylinder was slashed by ₹172, whereas domestic cylinder prices remained unchanged. The price of commercial cylinders in Kolkata is now ₹1875.50. The price of commercial gas cylinders for Mumbai has come down to ₹1725. In Chennai, it’s now ₹1937. Monthly revision of LPG prices: State run Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) generally revise the LPG prices on the first day of every month. The prices of domestic cooking gas vary from state to state depending on local taxes. Crude oil prices in international markets impact domestic LPG prices. The new rates will be applicable from today. Domestic gas cylinder prices: Currently, domestic cooking gas costs ₹1,003 per 14.2-kg cylinder in New Delhi. In Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, the rates are ₹1,029, ₹1,002.5, and ₹1,018.5 respectively. The rate of domestic LPG cylinders was last revised in 2022. It was hiked four times last year with a cumulative rise of ₹153 – ₹50 in July, ₹50 and ₹3.50 in May and ₹50 in March.