Capital Group believes firmly in the importance of sharing and learning from others. We appreciate sharing our intelligent views and numerous dialogues that are now taking place, as well as making educated guesses about what will happen tomorrow. We’d also like to hear from additional thought leaders about their perspectives and ideas. The delight of sharing thoughts and opinions is similar to the joy of giving, and the joy of learning from others is similar to the joy of growing.

Capital Group is a symphony of disparate pieces coming together in perfect harmony and pushing forward. These five hues blend into a whirling mass to create a dramatic circle with unrivaled vitality. Capital Group’s new kind of energy is a reflection of itself, a symbol of all that characterizes it.

Every one of us goes through a variety of situations during our lives. We create specific beliefs based on our experiences. These convictions lead to the formation of a life purpose. This becomes the reason for our being. Our values are formed by our purpose and our convictions. We created a compelling vision for ourselves, guided by our ideals. There are several fundamental attitudes that we must hold in order for this vision to be achieved. These attitudes are manifested as behaviors in our daily lives.

personifies our diverse yet cohesive group’s distinctive culture, behavior, and attitudes that define our Core Purpose, Values, and Vision. Our principles, which are reflected in nature’s five elements and their significance, provide the foundation for us to face obstacles, embrace opportunities, and grow with the spirit of the times as we reach new heights and find new ways to contribute to society.

It disseminates nearly a quarter-century of knowledge about Capital Group’s success and prosperity, always keeping in mind that the community, the people, and the environment are the most important stakeholders. People, one of our most valuable strategic assets, are at the heart of  Capital Group’s transformational journey. Our concept pushes us to push past our limits and work even harder each day. 

We believe in remaining current and working tirelessly on people-based results. As a result, as part of our Governance Structure, we’ve created a strong People Strategy framework for the Group as a whole.