According to the job posting, the chief meme officer would be responsible for creating financial memes that GenZ can relate to. A Bengaluru-based financial services company StockGro’s job posting for a chief meme officer (CMO) with a salary of ₹1 lakh per month is attracting attention online. According to the vacancy shared on LinkedIn, the company is looking for a candidate with in-depth knowledge of the stock market and who can present it in a quirky manner. The remote opportunity, which has received 63 applications so far as per LinkedIn, aims to tap the GenZ market with financial memes. The chief meme officer will have to curate, ideate and share viral content to increase StockGro’s presence. The ideal candidate should be able to effortlessly connect finance and fun, have an obsession for all things hilarious and the knack to turn trends into viral content in sync with the brand’s messaging. The person should possess a sharp sense of sarcasm and be able turn around boring financial concepts into creative posts. The daily tasks of the CMO will include curating, ideating and sharing memes to increase the visibility of StockGro.

chief meme officer

Although the Online Trading Platform.

is no longer accepting applications for the job on LinkedIn, people can also recommend their meme-loving friends for the job and stand a chance to win an iPad if their referral is hired. The stock simulation app is banking on the marketing gimmick of spreading its brand presence via snackable memes owing to its impact on the young generation. According to a Business Standard report, Ajay Lakhotia, founder and CEO of StockGro, said the non-cliche role will attract new users and build the right hype around the brand. “The slightly unconventional role of the chief meme officer is exactly what we need to connect with our audience. It is imperative to have a strong meme game to build a buzz among the up-and-coming users and entice them to explore StockGro. Our chief meme officer will epitomize creativity in the most unconventional yet relatable way, and we are excited to see the magic of meme marketing.”