The Initiative. We are committed to creating businesses for tomorrow. In pursuit of this objective, we are open to collaboration.

The Approach. We invite independent consultants and partners to work with us to identify the most disruptive companies, the best innovations, and the most cutting-edge solutions they have come across.

What we are looking for

If you know a start-up that holds the potential to become the next unicorn, we are interested to know more. The start-up should have a viable product idea that is flexible enough to be localised to meet the regional demands and to address the indigenous problems.

How it works

We look forward to cementing a long-lasting relationship with resourceful referees and also contributing to their future success. So if you think you got an eye to nail down a winning idea, spot the right talent out of the scrum of a vast pool, and have a knack to judge the potential at a very early stage, we like to hear from you.

Become a royalty connector

and spark opportunities.